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Walpiri Sandpainting – songmaps

Lo interesante de estas pinturas es que son mapas pero van asociados a canciones que ellos dedican a los sitios. Lo interesante es que «partitura», «mapa», «territorio» y «música» están completamente asociados.

sandpainting. Early 20th century, Western Desert, Australia. The photo is in an open section held in the institute of Aboriginal studies.

Sean Alberts commented: It’s nothing more than a map of the Warlpiri, Amatyerre and Luritja country and the interconnecting songlines that are that are pretty much instructions for the map.

Kurlpurlurnu, Jerry Jangala Patrick in Lajamanu, 2005

Ngapa (Rain) at Kurlpurlurnu. The semi cirle with many curved lines represents the fire, the long curved lines are running water, or flood water, the short parallel lines are clouds, the many “c” shapes are people sitting down waiting for the fire.

Kurlpulrunu is a major rain making site for Warlpiri people. Its location was lost for many years.  Numerous searches were conducted by various organisations, some extremely extensive involving helicopters, light planes and 4wds. The site remained hidden until 2016 when Molly Tasman Napurrurla led a chopper and film crew to the site. 

Jerry Jikilripa Jangala was born on the 1st of July 1935 at Lirrapuntji on the Lander River north of the Warlpiri community of Willowra. That is his country and he grew up in the bush around there in the traditional way. Jikirrlilypa is Jangala’s Granfather’s name as well, and has a special meaning, water dreaming. 

Walpiri star gazers
Justin Ronberg Japarula Goanna Aboriginal Art

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