Miriam Bleau L’ALTER-MONDE (2019-2020)

https://vimeo.com/370734235 L'ALTER-MONDE (2019-2020) fulldome audiovisual work w/ Sandrine Deumier L’alter-monde is an immersive audiovisual project for fulldome format. Evocation of a cybernetic garden designed in multiple scenes, this work contemplates a potential symbiosis between the human being and a state of rediscovered nature. Through ecosophy and inter-species mutualism, it explores the possibility of identifying ourselves... Leer más →

Listening as Relation, an Invocation

"What does it mean to listen through a time of global ecocide? The long arcs of racial capitalism and colonisation have classified the world as resource, which fragments relational ways of being and knowing. The colonial drive for knowledge as possession, to know and assert the world, shapes encounters with environments, making the listening disposition... Leer más →

Relacionarse con el espacio sonoro

Cueva de altamira Entre otras muchas cuevas, Altamira sería uno de los espacios cuya sonoridad ha investigado Steven J. Waller, entre otros investigadores interesados en la arqueoacústica. Él ha comprobando los efectos sonoros que producen los ritmos y voces dentro de la cueva. Al parecer, algunas pinturas rupestres y petroglifos o incluso estructuras megalíticas como... Leer más →

Christian Salablanca, Geometría del centro, 2020

Christian Salablanca, Geometría del centro, 2020 Christian Salablanca, Geometría del centro, 2020 Geometría del centro (Geometry of the Centre), 2020, emerged from a field trip Salablanca undertook in 2020, along with five artists and the team from FLORA ars+natura, to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, a mountain range in northern Colombia that is home to the Kogui,... Leer más →

Laurie Spiegel, Harmonices Mundi

Laurie Spiegel partició en el Golden Record,  con una pieza que abre el disco basada en las anotaciones sobre la música de las esferas del libro “Harmonices mundi”, (1619),  Johannes Kepler, donde amplía el antiguo concepto filosófico de la música universal o música de las esferas donde habría una correspondencia sonora, matemática y física de... Leer más →

Joanna Brouck, Music of the Spheres

Joanna used to say that she just “heard the music of the spheres” and she did strange abstract drawings trying to “write down” what she heard. In many ways her music was an effort to re-member that music that was already there. The same with her poems, which she said were more about “the space in-between... Leer más →

On Meredith Monks live and works

Site specific Art, Nick Kaye.. Book https://monoskop.org/images/8/8d/Kaye_Nick_Site-Specific_Art_Performance_Place_and_Documentation.pdf Biography Meredith Monk: a composer, singer, filmmaker, choreographer and director based in New York. A pioneer in what is now called ‘extended vocal technique’ and ‘interdisciplinary performance’, she is the fourth generation singer in her family. Since graduating from Sarah Lawrence College in 1964, she has created more... Leer más →

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