Patricia Johanson

Leonardt Lagoon, Dallas, Patricia Johanson, 1986

Su objetivo es mediar entre la escala humana la vastedad indiferenciada de la naturaleza. Hace landscape art, o arquitectura del paisaje. Utilizando formas de dragón horizontales que se refieren a lenguaes ancestrales. Haciendo pasajes de agua. Entiende el arte como una forma de curar la tierra. Viajó a divesrsos espacios sagrados de México, Guatemala, Honduras y Perú, que le dieron un interés por la arquitectura antigua y una actitud hacia la anturaleza, así como la noción de una forma “aérea”.

“I try to connect people to specific places at deep, non-verbal levels.  This requires an intimate knowledge of the site. Not just what is there now, but what is the meaning of this place over time.  It also requires an open-ended, multi-faceted approach to design, since people experience places in such different ways. Most of my designs are like a stew with many different ingredients, but in the end they all need to enhance the final result.  One model I use is the ecosystem, where interactions are often more important than the individual parts. My goal in each project is to sustain as many interdependent life forms as possible, and give human needs and culture a place within that landscape.  The infrastructure component may look dominant, but in terms of my thinking it is always secondary.”


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