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Flood Song, Matterlurgy, 2019


Flom Sang (Flood Song) is a large scale installation comprised of film, performance, text and a sound. The work explores situated relationships to water and flooding; how it is lived with and felt; how it shapes futures and influences imaginations; how water archives stories and highlights broader contexts of environmental change.

The central piece of the installation is a sonic composition created in collaboration with pupils from Sokndal School in Norway along with musical contributions from Sokndal Brass Band and audio recordings and poetry from the river Sokna. Co-constructed through a process of experimental workshops exploring vocal and written responses to water, the work challenges notions of the expert and explores agencies of water and voice. In addition to the sound work, the installation features a series of printed scores and 4 short films Archive of Flow, which combine poetic-visual text and film footage of different intensities of water. The work is accompanied by a short contextual documentary about the process of making Flom Sang by filmmaker Magne Østby.

Flom Sang was commissioned as part of the Dalane Kulturfestival 2019 in association with Rogaland Kunstsenter and installed in the former Jøssingfjord Hydropower Station in Norway. The installation was accompanied by a programme of events including a live performance by Sokndal Brass Band, a listening concert and cinema screening. The sound work premiered as a public broadcast in 2020 as part of the temporary art radio station Radiophrenia, CCA Glasgow. A vinyl album containing the sound composition was launched at Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger, Norway in Sep 2021.

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