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La Danza de las Abejas

Instrumento prehistórico zoadeira o bramadera cuyo sonido, tipo zumbido, que incluye infrasonidos, recuerda al sonido de las abejas. RESUMEN DEL LIBRO LOPEZ, Xoán-Xil, SANÍN, Mauro, Abellón, o Libro negro das zoadeiras. 2019. https://www.unruidosecreto.net/2020/02/15/abellon-o-libro-negro-das-zoadeiras/ En el libro “Abellón, O libro negro das Zoadeiras”, (2019) del artista sonoro gallego Xoán-Xil López y Mauro Sanín, se hace una completa... Leer más →

Magic by contagion. Exhibition. 2021

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSRIEpzJiQA&ab_channel=Coquitonia Magic by contagion. Coco Moya ´s exhibition Cruce Contemporary Art Gallery. Madrid. 2021. Curated by Concha García The works shown, almost all with a tactile or interactive component, invite the listener to experience and experiment. They are shaping an archive of plastic and sound essays that are originated mainly from her doctoral research entitled... Leer más →

Geomancia Sonora y escucha especulativa

A sound research by Coco Moya ENGLISH / ESPAÑOL Landscape as score Surely you have entered a church or a cave, where the resonance and the echo are very special. This is not by chance. Archaeoacoustics has discovered that there is a very close relationship between sacred spaces and sound and music. For example, cave... Leer más →

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